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Duet series vol.1 Hiroko Masuko & Keiko Masumoto

Hiroko Masuko
pen and ink on Watson paper, mounted on panel


Keiko Masumoto
20.0 ×14.0×h12.0cm



→Gallery Artist
Hiroko Masuko
Keiko Masumoto

February 1 (sat.) 〜 22 (sat.),  2014
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

About Exhibition

"Duet series" is a project that package two different artists' creations into one space.  
As a first step, our gallery featured pen drawing artist, Hiroko Masuko and potter, Keiko Masumoto.
Beginning from Bonsai drawing, Masuko has been spreading her vision of the world through the contact with various motifs. This time, she developed new series of drawings which draw sceneries with silver line on the black background.
On the another hand, Masumoto developed her way of expression more and more adventurous. She has been creating her works by multiplying unpredictably different materials and she strengthened her concept of expression.
Though materials  multipled in their works are completely different, both of their works have unique humor.
Please feel and enjoy the "visual echo" which is created when their works coexist in minimal space of our gallery.

Cooperator: Masaharu Makuuchi





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